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Trips To Surprise Your Favorite Travel Buddy With

By Rachel Behlmann 10/16/17

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Looking a little glum out this winter? Take a vacation. Come on, you deserve it. Take a break, travel the world, learn something new, and take naps on a beach. Who is your favorite travel buddy? Is it your mom, boyfriend, or sister? We’ll tell you which place is best to take each one of them and more.



If your mom is your best friend, like mine is, then you’re in for a real treat. When looking for travel destinations with her, keep in mind what you both like to do. Is shopping your thing? What about drinking, or just relaxing?

Book a cruise for two and travel Europe! World class views of the sea and history right in front of your eyes! When you aren’t out on excursions for the day, you still have the whole ship to explore. All the food, shopping, exploring, and learning right outside your front door. Not into the whole walking a lot thing? No worries. Beaches are the best place to get a tan, take a dip in the water, and drink yourself into more naps. Bring mom to Hawaii! Sand, surf, food, Hawaii will provide you with unlimited views and memories that will last a lifetime.



Haven’t spent time with dad in awhile? Book that vacay to his favorite spot for ultimate bonding. Check out some national parks for this one. Take dad to the baseball park. Travel to your favorite teams stadium and explore what’s around the town.

If you want to feel like a kid again, take dad to Escalante Petrified Forest State Park. There’s boating, canoeing, fishing, water sports, and you’ll even spy plenty of fossils and petrified logs. If you really want a thrill, hop on an ATV and feel the wind through your helmet.

Take me out to the ball game! Take me out on the town! Sporty kind of dads will cherish the time he spends with his two favorite things in the world. You and baseball. Stay near the stadium and explore the surrounding town to really up your vacation.



You’re a mother. You have responsibilities. Take those responsibilities on vacation with you! Now, where should you take those little rugrats? If you were a kid, where would you want to go?

Bring your kid on the trip of a lifetime. The first trip to Disneyland will be a dream come true for people of all ages. There’s things for children and adults to enjoy their time at the park. Go from rides to drinks to amazing food at Disneyland.

When you have kids, it’s hard to plan different activities. That’s why finding a resort that has it all is the way to go. Why fly across the country, stay at hotel, drive to different restaurants and water parks when you can have it all in one location? Welcome to the Great Wolf Lodge.



If you haven’t taken a trip with your brothers or sisters than you’re missing out. They’re built in best friends! You can gab about the family, debate who’s moms favorite kid is, and see the world while doing so. Bring out some sibling rivalry with different competitions while on vacay. At the beach? Play that frisbee game you keep hearing about. In the hotel room? Break out a game of poker!

Grab the keys, the comfiest seat, and blast some tunes. The best kind of bonding experience is a road trip! Travel across the country or across your town. It’s all about the journey, but your destination could be anywhere. Head to the lake, a big city, or an amusement park.

After driving for hours you might as well show up in Colorado or somewhere else snowy. Go on up the mountains just to ski down them with the sibs. Another game to play! Try something new like learning to snowboard or build a snowman!



All you need are your girls to have a good time. Hit up the clubs, bars, casinos, restaurants and shopping all in one girls trip. Here’s to happy memories and tattoos you’ll want to forget. Here are the two places to take the homies.

Ta-da! Vegas baby! All you need are few days here and you’re set. If you’re into gambling you have the casinos, your shoppers have tons to choose from, and if you have a foodie in the group, then welcome to the promised land. It’s an all day party and non stop lifestyle when you’re in town.

You’ve done Vegas, but what else is there? You’re older and wiser now and obviously too cool for Las Vegas. What’s next? New York City! Dress up for a night on the town, visit the Statue of Liberty, see a Broadway play. It’s a sophisticated adults playground.


Significant Other

Need a getaway with your beau and not sure where to go? Go on an adventure with your partner in crime. Stay somewhere unique and has character or drop a dime to visit another country. You and your significant other will be counting down the days for your trip that will bring you even closer together.

Get out of your comfort zone and try a unique destination with an even more interesting Airbnb to sleep in. Even if you’re only going downtown or to the next big city over, getting out of the house and staying somewhere new is always an adventure.

Are you ready for that big vacation with your main squeeze? Yes you are! Make those plans to visit another country and take in all the sights it has to offer. May I suggest Ireland?



Who says you can’t travel alone? Sometimes that’s all you need. Hit up a beach and read that book you’ve had forever. You don’t always need a buddy for traveling. A few quiet and peaceful days will surely awaken your spirits.

Pick up your book, turn to the first page and don’t forget the sunblock. The sunny beaches of Florida are calling your name. Order a drink and have the attractive waiter bring you refills. You’ll thank us later.

You’re into exploring and learning new things, right? Then Washington D.C. is the perfect trip for you. With all the museums and history you’ll be a whiz in no time. Visit the monuments and learn more about America’s capitol.


In conclusion, you can do it all, with or without a travel buddy. Who would you surprise with a trip? Where would you go?

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