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Bionic Buzz: Alt-Pop Singer Halston Dare To Release “Teach Em” Next Friday

Halston Dare is ready to “Teach Em” in her exhilarating sequel single of 2020 to be released on August 28th. The track comes hot off the heels of the successful release of the break up anthem and music video “Replace You,” which quickly garnered nearly 500,000 combined streams on Spotify and Youtube views. Dare reveals “‘Teach Em’ is the aftermath of ‘Replace You.’ I finally realized if someone has potential and you truly care about and love them, you might as well teach them how to love you.” “Teach Em” was written by Dare with Tushar Apte (Demi Lovato’s “Sober”), Whitney Phillips (Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s “Stuck with U”), and Michelle Buzz (Katy Perry’s “Never Really Over”) with Apte and Buzz producing. “It was really exciting to write ‘Teach Em’ because I had never written a song that upbeat and fun. The post chorus is one of my favorite melodies that I have ever created in my whole music artistry,” Dare says of the writing process.

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