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Buzz-Music Interview: Halston Dare Opens Up About New Single, "Replace You"

Hey, Halston Dare! Welcome! Let's get right into talking about your anticipated release, "Replace You". As an alternative/pop artist, what kind of message and energy were you hoping to bring with your new single? 

That YOU ARE a badass, and never let anyone question your worth! 

Using both sensualism and articulation in your music, how would you describe the ultimate sensation your music is able to impart to listeners? Is there any kind of wisdom you hope to convey to your listeners through your songs? 

When it comes to my music, my ultimate goal is to share a relatable story that everyone can feel. I want to be as transparent as possible for the audience.

It goes without saying that there's a certain level of empowerment you feed into your sound. Are you able to elaborate on the specific empowerment you're hoping to reveal throughout your music, notably "Replace You”? 

Like I said, knowing your worth. Replace You talks about the struggles of being beating down emotionally by someone and coming out of it strong!

How do you feel that "Replace You" compared to your previous singles, such as "Drowned Love" and "Something Special"? Are there certain components you feel you changed once constructing "Replace You”?

I feel I have made a huge turnaround and I am so excited for everyone to hear and see and experience my new brand! I wanted to show everyone that I've matured, gone through trials and tribulations, and had my heart broken a few times because I was to tell a huge story of my life! 

We appreciate the time, Halston Dare! It's great to chat about your recent music, as well as the vision for your overall sound. Is there anything our readers can expect to see from you in the coming months artistically?

More stories, more music, and music videos! 

You can find "Replace You" here.

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