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Click 2 Houston: Houston singer Halston Dare is a pop star on the rise

HOUSTON – There’s a talented Houstonian bringing a fresh spin to the pop music scene as a singer-songwriter-- her name is Halston Dare.

Her tracks are a mix of powerful lyrics and catchy hooks that will make you want to sing along.

Though 2020 has been challenging year for artists and musicians, she has been working tirelessly towards her goal of pop stardom.

"I’ve been in the music industry for a really long time but just this past year I really truly found my style as a pop artist. I’ve been so glad to be able to release a music video this year, especially during COVID and also two singles and I’m proud of myself and my fanbase for supporting me and I’m thankful for that as well, said Dare.

Here’s what you need to know about Halston Dare and her rising career.

1. She’s considered one of the brightest young voices in music

The singer is known for her “Cover Monday” Instagram series where she showcased her voice and her talent was immediately noticed because of her diverse sound.

2. Her online presence led to the release of her previous singles “Something Special” and “Drowned Love.”

Her music style been described as edgy, alternative pop that mixes empowering lyrics with a club beat, similar to artists like Halsey and Dua Lipa.

3. She not only sings but also writes her own songs inspired by her own experiences and feelings.

This spring she released her break up anthem and music video “Replace You.” The song was inspired by Halston Dare’s own experience with a now ex-boyfriend and with realizing her self-worth.

4. She’s proud of her Houston roots

Dare grew up around Memorial and the Galleria area and went to Memorial High School, where she was part of the track and field team. At 17 she moved out to Nashville to pursue her music career, but she’s back living in Houston.

5. Her new single is called “Teach Em”

According to Dare, “'Teach Em' is the aftermath of ‘Replace You.’ I finally realized if someone has potential and you truly care about and love them, you might as well teach them how to love you. It was really exciting to write ‘Teach Em’ because I had never written a song that upbeat and fun,'” she said.

You can listen to Dare’s music on all streaming platforms.

To connect with her, you can click here.

And to watch Dare’s complete interview, watch the video click here.

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