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Halston Dare is a singer-songwriter out of Houston, Texas, and when you think of her, she hopes you think of purple, glitter, and fun pop music! “Music has always been something I connected to,” Halston tells Eat This Music in our interview about her newest single ‘Teach Em‘. “I don’t remember a time in my life when music wasn’t something that was special to me,” Halston continues, “I found a gateway to express myself and use it like therapy to write. My dad definitely influenced me to be a singer since he was a singer as well growing up.”

“Everything’s good. I treat everyday like it’s my last, and I don’t let surrounding temporary things affect me!” — Halston Dare on how she is doing in the current climate.

Speaking to Eat This Music on what her new single, ‘Teach Em’ is all about, she reveals that the single is actually a sequel to her previous single ‘Replace You.’ “It’s about someone you really love and realizing that you want them to stick around but in order for you to be happy with them sticking around you have to teach him how to love you,” Halston reveals to Eat This Music. “There’s nothing wrong with teaching a man certain things that you’d like to be done, things you need and etc. It’s super fun and catchy too!”

Halston wrote ‘Teach Em’ with Tushar Apte and Whitney Phillips, two artists Halston has never written with before; in fact, it was such a fun day she assures Eat This Music: “I wrote “Teach Em” the day after I finished “Replace You”, Halston details on the creative process. “So I think it’s really cool that my first and second single that I have released in 2020 are also written back to back as well.”

“100%! I only ever write about things that I have felt or experienced in my life,” Halston explains to Eat This Music on the relevance of her new single to her life. In fact, in her music, Halston wants to be transparent, honest and genuine all the time for her fans and followers, so that they an understand who she is as an artist.

“I had realized after the creation of “Replace You” that sometimes it’s OK to give a second chance to somebody,” Halston explains on why she wanted to make her new single, “so if you’re going to give him a second chance as well teach him what you want!” Halston also released her single now because it couldn’t be more perfect to have released it right after “Replace You”, “since I really consider it the sequel,” Halston says.

Coming up next Halston has more music, hopes for touring and building her following on all social media!

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