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Introducing: Halston Dare

Introducing: New Artist Feature Questions

Name: Halston Dare

Birthplace & Current Residence: Houston, Tx

Music Style: Pop/Dance

Website/Social Media Links:

Describe your music career in one sentence?

It’s a strawberry, lavender pop cocktail with a punch, topped with a black cherry and edible glitter!

Tell us about your newest project. What was the inspiration behind it?

We just released my latest track “Girls,” but my newest project I’m working on right now is my next single that is releasing very soon. It’s called “Lonely in LA” and it is inspired from all of my trips that I’ve taken to LA for work & music. I’ve always had a rough time traveling to LA because I feel like a small ant in such a large pile. I know it was always just for work so there was never really any time to party or meet up with people, but I put in a song of all the things that I hate about LA.

What is it about music that makes you feel passionate for your work?

It’s a way that I express myself. It’s kind of like therapy. I’ve always had this dream of being a musician and I’ve never really seen life without it. To imagine going on this journey without being a performer or a songwriter would be devastating.

Who are your biggest influences outside of music (teacher/family/etc.)?

Some of my biggest inspirations are my godmother Lise and my father. He was also a musician growing up. They both play a huge role in my life, and I am very grateful for both of them.

Describe your creative process.

My creative process is about channeling whatever energy I’m feeling for that day or whatever has been going on in my life. I tend to write a lot about my problems and issues; so, it’s usually whatever stuff is going down that week. I like to go into the studio fresh minded with no ideas in my brain and start a completely blank track with the producer. I’ll write whatever comes flying out when I hear that track. I love to write the lyrics and the melody at the same time

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

If I had to change anything about the music industry it would be restructure how musicians get paid, especially up-and-coming musicians to give them a shot so that they don’t have to put all their focus and energy into a regular 9-to-5 job. It would be great if we could actually make a living doing what we want to do at that level. I also would like to change how up-and-coming artists are evaluated. I wish they looked more at the artistry than having to have 1 million followers on social media and a lot of money and having to have that hit song.

What do you consider your strengths as a musician/artist?

I believe my strengths as an artist is my lower register and the lyrics that I write about my trials and tribulations.

Are there any weaknesses that you have worked on or that you continue to work on to better achieve your goals as an artist?

My procrastination is one of my weakest traits. My ADHD plays a huge role in my life and causes me to lose a lot of motivation and become depressed and not be able to focus on work very well. I am on a very strong path right now in therapy and finding and seeking medication to help me push through what I like to call mini battles that I go through.

When was that first moment when you realized that music was going to pay off for you?

I don’t think I’ve reached that moment yet, and I can’t wait to experience that moment where I realize that all the hard work, sweat, tears and pain that I experienced growing up chasing the dream was worth it.

How do you feel about the pandemic? Has it changed your career for the good and bad?

The pandemic changed my life completely in a way that I don’t like to look back on. It made me feel like I set myself back in my career. All of my goals that I had for 2020 were diminished. It was a really hard time for me.

Apart from the essentials, name five things you can’t leave home without.

I can’t leave home without my phone, Chapstick, rose quartz crystal, mascara and my vape or a change of clothes. I never know when I’m gonna have to dress up!

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