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New Music Monday: Halston Dare Chats About the Success of “Pinnacle,” & New Single, “Girls,”

We had the pleasure of chatting with Halston Dare back in December, and her career has really taken off in 2021. The emerging pop artist kicked off the year with two releases in the Billboard Top 20, and she hasn’t stopped since. Both of her singles, “Teach Em,” and “Pinnacle,” have surpassed over 1 million Spotify streams. Her newest single, “Girls,” was released on July 9th and is also expected to be an enormous hit.

 We loved catching up with Halston about her new music, her weekly live stream, and her plans for live concerts.

Hi Halston. We chatted with you back in December. How have you been?

Doing pretty well actually! I have been challenging myself with my writing game and trying to get better. That’s been super fun.

You’ve had quite a successful 2021. You’ve had two releases in the Billboard Top 20. How are you managing your success and cranking out even more successful releases so fast?

It’s seriously come out of nowhere! I was hoping for it but definitely wasn’t expecting it. I’m very proud of myself and my team. I can’t wait to achieve more with my newer singles coming out! 

Congratulations on the fact that “Pinnacle,” has surpassed over 1,000,000 streams. How does that success feel?

It feels absolutely amazing. I’m so grateful and appreciative of my fans and for everyone who is streaming my music. I am also a perfectionist and I love to set challenges for myself. So, the only thing that I’m thinking about is now hitting 2 million, then 5 million, and then hopefully 10 million!

What about that song do you think makes it such a party hit?

I think this song is such a hit because it’s sexy, fun, has a good beat, and it’s just something you can dance to. Everyone that I’ve played it for loves it. I had a single-release party in my hometown in Houston a couple of weeks back for Pinnacle and it was absolutely insane. It was so fun watching my friends, family, and fans sing along to it.

I absolutely love your new single, “Girls.” I can see my friends and me singing along to it. What was the inspiration for this song?

There’s actually weird inspiration behind the song Girls. I had actually got into an argument with a bunch of my girlfriends in LA that night that I was at the studio. So, I wrote a song about a friend group that doesn’t exist, but I would want to have some day and how fun it would be. Kind of like having an alter ego but just an alter reality.

What was it like working with Jesse Barrera, a producer/songwriter that has also worked with Tori Kelly?

By far one of the funniest, kindest producers I’ve ever worked with. I cannot wait to build a stronger relationship with him and write more music. Our first time working together, we really hit it off. I’m grateful and can’t wait to work together more.

What are you working on next?

Right now, my primary focus is finding other like-minded musicians to collaborate on future music with and hopefully start setting up some tour dates. I would really like to get out on the road and start performing in front of everyone after quarantine. I wanted to branch out and get out of my comfort zone, because I really become a homebody.

I saw you’re going to start a weekly livestream. What will you be sharing with your fans?

In these weekly livestreams, I want to share with my fans unreleased music to thank them for hopping on the livestream. I plan to take requests and answer questions that they have for me.

With restrictions lifting will you be doing any live shows soon?

Yes, I’m actually really excited. My first performance in a year will be in my hometown in Houston at one of my favorite clubs named the Vault in downtown. They’re going to be playing my music and I’m also going to be performing.

What are some of your favorite songs currently?

My favorite song right now is actually one of my songs that I just released, Girls. Also, I love Love of Your Life by RAYE. 

 Thanks for catching up with us again, Halston. Be sure to listen to her new song, “Girls.” and check out We Are Entertainment News at the link here.

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