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New Single Marks Transformation

After an argument with her boyfriend in December of last year left her feeling unappreciated and overlooked. Halston Dare found herself in a Los Angeles home studio frustrated and motivated to prove to her worth not only to her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend but to herself. Inspired by the feelings of breaking free from toxic relationships in romance and self, Halston’s new bop reflects her personal growth and journey in finding herself through her artistry. “Replace You” is the latest single from popstar-in-the-making, Halston Dare. Dark, melodic and empowering, Dare weaves her vocals throughout this danceable replacement anthem with a carefree ferocity, setting the mood for her next come-up. Finding light in the darkness, Halston takes over control from the forces that have been holding her back. A track about self-discovery and transformation, Halston is making a statement in “Replace You” and the message is clear. There is no stopping Halston Dare. Not her boyfriend. Not your boyfriend. Not anybody.

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