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POPFUZION TV: “Replace You” Halston Releases New Empowering Single About Knowing Your Worth

Updated: May 20, 2020

1. What inspired your new single?

I was in LA alone in my Airbnb one night and I was in a argument with my boyfriend at the time and my whole life I’ve struggled to understand what my worth is about and what I truly deserved and life and that night was one night that I truly really realized what I do deserve and not want to put up with. He unfortunately was making me feel like I needed to beg for his attention and no girl should ever have to chase after a man! I went to the studio the next day with my writer and producer Michelle Buzz and I made the comment to her “this boy thinks he is irreplaceable and that is not the case”. We both looked at each other and was like we are going to write a song called Replace You! That is how the song was written. 2. We read that your Dad is Cuban; do you speak Spanish? Will we hear any Spanish-only singles or albums?

I don’t speak Spanish as well as I would like to but I definitely can get a simple conversation by. I mostly only speak Spanish to my grandparents and they understand me. I do wish that I knew more. Hopefully in the future. I would love to collab with some Latino artists and hopefully intertwine some Latin culture into my music. 3. We know you’re a makeup fan! Do you plan to create your own line someday?

One of my biggest goals, outside my goals in my music career, is that someday I would like to create a glitter that is biodegradable but still as strong as most regular glitters. I would love to have my own eyeshadow and foundation line for people who have really, really sensitive skin. One of the things that I struggle with most is that even though I’m getting hypoallergenic, organic products sometimes it still affects my skin and I would love to branch out into that industry. I have a true passion for make up and I think it would be really fun. 4. What inspired you to become an advocate for the environment and sustainability?

Each year the world has gotten sicker and sicker due to pollution. The world is so beautiful and there’s so much I want to see and do. I’m so frayed that someday I’m going to wake up and not be able to do that because the earth will be so polluted by then. I learned that one of the most harmful things to our ocean is one of the things that I love most; and that is glitter. Glitter is not biodegradable; its micro plastic which all of our plankton and Whales and so many other animals eat. I hope I can make a difference by creating make up that is biodegradable, and help other companies clean up pollution so that our earth can stay happy, clean, and beautiful and not polluted. 5. What’s been your favorite go-to dish during quarantine?

My go to meal this whole Quarantine has been tuna and crackers, or I will cook some chicken and put my secret recipe with it and it is so amazing! 6.Where can our readers keep up to date with your work?

Anyone can look me up on all social media platforms, Instagram is my main @Halstondare And everyone can hear my new single Replace You on all streaming platforms.

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