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5 Life Lessons from Halston Dare That Every Almost 20-Year-Old Should Read

By Angela Meyer, March 28, 2019 Halston Dare might have over 100,000 views on her “Something Special” music video and be a rising star in the music industry, but the 19-year-old is more relatable than you’d think. Halston recently filled Her Campus in on details about her future (later this year you can expect more music videos, live streams, and makeup videos) and in the process gave the best advice ever. Read on for some #realtalk with your new best friend, Halston.

1. Be yourself. And be damn proud of it.

"Everybody is trying to be someone they're not, especially on Instagram. You see so many girls using filters and Facetune, trying to look like a Victoria’s Secret model. Sometimes, someone could think 'Why doesn’t my body look like that? Why don’t I have a butt like that?'. As I got older, I realized the images you see are not always realistic. To the girls that are in the process of growing up that I’m supposed to be mentoring or being an example for: I want to be so true to myself and show that I am just like you. Be proud of who you are and be yourself because that is the most beautiful version of you."

2. When things get rough, wash your face.

"I know this sounds crazy, but the first thing I do when I’m going through a bad moment is wash my face. It’s kind of like washing away bad, negative energy. I also take a shower to revitalize myself and sort of reset, press go, and start again."

3. When it comes to work, it’s okay to have bad days. The good ones make up for it—you just need to find your zone.  

"Some days I just can’t think, I can’t write, I can’t get ideas out. I will say, I always have a melody in my head but there are some times I just can’t write lyrics. But then other days I am on fire and I can write song after song after song. To get in the zone I surround myself with song writers, my piano, I get a Coke or a mint tea I just sit down and breath. I put on a track and I go over my favorite melodies. I then try to write about a fairytale I’m staging in my head or just another song that somebody could relate to and listen to and feel what I’m feeling. This morning I was writing two different song ideas, but yesterday when I tried to sit down and write, I just couldn’t. I was just having a bad day and that is okay. You have to realize that some days are not going to be as good as others, but it helps you appreciate the good days so much more."

4. You’ll never regret working hard.

"We first wrote “Something Special” way more 80s than it already is, and we went back and fixed some of the lyrics. I think I was in the studio three or four different times for six to eight hours. It was insane. We would add more harmonies and we would add more layers and add more background vocals and it was a long process, but I think that the key is to have a perfectionist mindset and I really wanted it to be perfect and I wanted everyone to hear every single detail and I am really proud of that. Even though it took long hours of standing in the recording studio and my back hurting a little bit, it was definitely worth it in the end."

5. It’s your life, and you can change the rules every day.

"Sometimes I wake up and I want to wear an all black outfit. Other days I want to dress super sophisticated. It is the same thing with my music. Whatever song I am releasing is probably going to be completely different from the next one but, at the same time, it all kind of ties in."

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Keep up with Halston Dare by following her on Instagram @halstondare and subscribe to her Youtube Channel Halston Dare

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