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Halston Dare: Something Special

By Leeann, March 1, 2019

Get ready to hear the name of singer Halston Dare in 2019. She oozes self-motivation, charisma and drive and is only just getting started. The singer has been progressively building her presence by connecting with fans. She adds, “lots of fans I’m actually friends with. I rely on them as much as they rely on me. Let’s be friends, tell me about your day. Tell me about your problems”. Halston’s grounded approach to navigating the social media saturated world explains her exponential rise to the top.

Her active engagement with fans has seen Halston Dare achieve remarkable feats as a fresh 19 year old in the music circuit. Her latest single “Something Special” is exploding and has reached over 100,000 views on YouTube. Talk about the power of fan interaction.

“Something Special” has a colourful, buoyant energy that is guaranteed to make the track your next feel good anthem. She brings a fresh spin to pop music, with her influences ranging from Sasha Sloan and Julia Michaels to Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande. All of them pop powerhouses in their own right, and it won’t be long till Dare joins them.

Halston Dare gives a taste of the retro, vintage aesthetic she packs through her bubbly, bright cover art. We see Dare sporting a glittery and shimmery style, which perfectly puts you in the mindset to blast this track. Her pre-chorus, “I can’t help you get over me/ I can’t help you get over you,” displays her ability to breeze past those who cause her strife. Furthermore, her vocal delivery is on par. Marrying vocals with a bubblegum, jovial beat further showcases her lighthearted nature in moving past toxic individuals who have an inflated aura of infatuation and ego.

All round, the song will give you a little pump up and spring in your step. For that extra little kick, be sure to check out the music video. Dare brings forward her love of classic 70’s, 80’s and 90’s music through her disco themed dance video. The explosive dance number and Dare’s irrevocable sass and attitude will give you plenty of reason to smile.

Halston walks the line of fun, bouncy pop in the track and video, however the video speaks volumes about her artistic proficiency. She concludes the video by trading in her sweet, enchanting dress for a rebellious and riskier outfit. Perhaps a symbol of her duality and a sneak peek into her badass confidence.

Halston Dare leaves us in limbo at the end of the “Something Special” video. What a tactic it is, as she leaves us curious and hungry to discover whether we will see her in a bubblier or more formidable light in what’s to come.

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