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Halston Dare Talks Music Inspo & Songwriting

From The Daily Shuffle March 6, 2019

We caught up with rising singer-songwriter Halston Dare to get the inside scoop on what she’s been up to! The artist dished on her musical inspirations, creative process and more. Read the exclusive interview below:

Take us back to the beginning; how did you discover your passion for music? I discovered my passion for music when my mother and I went to go buy my first CD’s; Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream album and Adele’s 21 album. I played them non stop for months! I’ll never forget the feeling of wanting to be just like them.

How would you describe your personal sound? Who are some of your biggest influences? I would describe my sound as fun, sassy, and bold. Some of my biggest influences are Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Sasha Sloan, and Julia Michaels

What’s your songwriting process usually like? First off, I always try to find ideas that I know anyone can relate to; I could be going through something emotionally and be able to just sit down and put my feelings on paper at any moment, other times, I love to create my own fairytales and stories that I day dream about.

When it comes to stage presence, which artist(s) do you take inspiration from? I take stage inspiration from Lady Gaga, because she is so brave, intriguing and captivating. When I saw her perform live, I felt so star struck, I knew I wanted to give that same feeling back to my fans someday.

What should fans be expecting to hear from you this year? This year, fans can expect to hear lots of new relatable, self-love, sassy music. I have songs that will get you in your feels, and others that can get you right out of them. I am really excited to show everyone what I’ve been working on.

What’s on your bucket list for the year? A few things on my bucket list for this year would be to get verified on all social media platforms, play my first arena and get to 200K on Instagram!

With a growing social following, what’s the best way for fans to get your attention online? I love chatting with my fans through DM and through the comments, they’re honestly considered second family to me!

When you’re not working on new music, what are you usually up to? When I’m not working on new music, I’ll usually be writing, working on upcoming makeup and fashion videos, or just relaxing with friends!

Any special message for fans? Thank you so much for joining me on this journey of mine, for supporting me, and for showing me unconditional love. I literally could not do this with out you. BE KIND to yourself, love who you are because that is the most beautiful version of you.

FUN FACTS: I love basketball and football I love fried chicken tenders I have a Coca-Cola addiction I am blind in my left eye I prefer and drive lifted, sporty cars like my off-road jeep wrangler I named Zeus

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