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Peachy Magazine: Interview With Alt-Pop Singer Halston Dare

Updated: May 20, 2020

Peachy Magazine caught up with Houston-based alt-pop artistHalstonDare to discuss her new single “Replace You”, her journey as an artist looking back on her well-received releases back in 2018, and much more.

You’re releasing your new song “Replace You,” what’s the story behind the track? And what message do you want to get across with the single?

The story behind “Replace You” is an unfortunate story. I was going through a really hard time with the relationship that I was in at the time; my boyfriend was making me feel inadequate and unwanted. No one should ever have to feel like that. I soon began to realize, later that night after he and I had another meaningless argument, that I was worth more and I deserve somebody who actually wants to give me attention and love. I spent all night having serious anxiety and spent so many hours crying. The next day I went to the studio with my amazing producer Michelle Buzz, and we wrote “Replace You.” 

 “Replace You” is this song that you need to lift you up in your spirits and make you believe that you are a badass and that no one should ever make you question your worth.         

Listen to Replace You while reading the interview

How do you feel that you’ve grown as an artist since the release of your previous singles “Something Special” and “Drowned Love”?

I have grown so much as an artist since those two singles have been released. I don’t even think I identify as the same genre. After releasing “Something Special,” I knew that I wanted to branch out into a more alternative, grungy and edgy kind of sound but I was so afraid that people weren’t going to take me seriously. Finally, one day I started actually writing in the genre that I originally wanted to and it just felt like home. It felt like this is the genre and sound that I was meant to be doing. 

I couldn’t be happier with the decision that I made, and I appreciate the person who I used to be many years ago, and I appreciate the music that I used to make.

What’s your creative process usually like? 

I write about experiences or things that I have felt or stories that I fantasize about in my mind. Usually when I have written a song, whatever I am trying to portray or tell the message with, it’s because I had done it the week of or day before. “Replace You,” for example, was written less than 24 hours after the fight that I had had with my boyfriend. I enjoy writing about life the most because I feel like it is so genuine and so transparent and all I wanna do is share a story and let people into my life.

Where do you seek inspiration from? Do you find inspiration in other art forms than music?

I seek inspiration from everything, especially all types of music dating back to the 60’s all the way to modern pop music.      

I’ve heard that “Replace You” was recorded at Michelle Buzz’s home studio in LA. The song is also written and produced by the two of you. How was the collaboration and the process of creating the track for you? 

Creating “Replace You” was honestly incredible because I have such a strong connection and bond with my producer Michelle. I am so grateful for her because she truly understands me and knows me personally and what goes on in my life. I am so grateful for being able to work with her and have her be a part of my team. She was so sympathetic towards me the day that we wrote “Replace You,” and I’m so grateful that she was there for me and that we were both able to get such a beautiful creation and inspiration out that day which is now “Replace You.”

What is the best piece of advice that you’ve received in your career that you want to pass on to an aspiring artist?

The best piece of advice that I have ever received in my whole career was when my first ever vocal coach asked me if I wanted to be famous and I said yes. Then he asked me if I wanted the whole world to hear my music, of course I said yes then he asked me if this was really my dream, and I absolutely, completely, 100% said yes. After that he told me “Halston, the only person that’s going to stop you from achieving your dreams is you. Don’t let anyone get in the way of achieving your goals in life. You can do anything you set your mind to.”

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